Wonder Girls Will Fly Back to America on Chuseok

2011-09-10 05:08:32 2011-09-09 22:08:33

Idol group, Wonder Girls, will be heading to America on September 12, the day of Chuseok.

The group’s spokesperson commented on the goings, “Currently the Wonder Girls members are staying in Korea. While in Korea they will spend time with their families and then on the 12th they will fly to America.”

Wonder Girls at the Apollo” is the first MTV movie that will be promoting Asian musicians as the stars.The movie is projected with a release date sometime next year.

The plan is for the group to finish filming the movie in October, soon after they return to Korea for work on their latest album. After release and promotions are done for their album in November, the girls will fly back to America to continue their schedules there.