BEAST’s Jang Hyun Seung Shares His Cute Sophisticated Style

2011-09-11 04:23:45 2011-09-10 21:23:46

Jang Hyun Seung, member of idol-group BEAST, tweeted a photo of himself recently on an airplane from one of the group’s recent trips to and from Korea to Japan. He is seen sporting a pair of glasses and a hat posing with a cute expression, while showing off his sophisticated style. Though he isn’t the only one in the photo, as fellow member Yoon Doo Joon can be spotted in the upper left-hand corner of the picture. The BEAST-ly leader might be semi-hidden in the image, but it appears as though he was cunningly attempting to make his presence known in the photo.

Netizens were amused by the photograph leaving comments such as, “Jang Hyun Seung is so cute!” and “Yoon Doo Joon is very funny!”

The next big event coming up for BEAST will be performing in a concert held at the Jamsil Sports Complex.