Choi Si Won’s Chuseok Present to Fans

2011-09-11 16:28:12 2011-09-11 09:28:13

Choi Si Won reveals an unreleased Mr. Simple photo!

At 1PM on September 11, Choi Si Won shared a sizzling picture with the rest of the world on his Twitter. “Here is a Chuseok present from our 5th Album ‘Mr. Simple’ A Version Unreleased Cut.”

The released photo showed off Si Won’s slim yet solid six pack. Wearing a red coat and bring green boxer shorts, on the edge of showing a bit too much this photo radiated a powerful and masculine charm. (As if he wasn’t hot enough.) 

Fans have responded to his Twitter post like rapid fire. “Why wasn’t this picture released before? Show us more!” “Wow, he is the best. But kind of embarrassed, his hand is…” “Gasp, Si Won obba has this sort of side to him?” Many comments were made about the position of his hand, making the picture a bit excessive to some.

Si Won in the meanwhile is gaining attention for starring in KBS’s drama Poseidon, which  is to air its first episode September 19.

The best Chuseok ever? Or are many of you semi-covering your eyes from this overly sexy picture?