Goo Hara’s Diet Secret: Eat Eat Eat

2011-09-11 18:47:22 2011-09-11 11:47:22

KARA‘s Goo Hara, who is famous for her ant thin waist, reveals the secret to her diet, or rather a lack of one.

On September 11 KARA appeared in MBC’s “Section TV Celebrity Correspondence” and they spent time having “girl talk” with the reporter.

In the midst of many questions the topic of, “KARA members’ bodies are nice and fit. We want to know your secret” was brought up. A few of the members talked about how difficult and hard it was to keep in shape. Unable to eat as much of what they want to eat, and intense exercise is the result of their fit bodies. However, Goo Hara had a different answer. She answered by stating, “I eat everything I want.”

“It’s just genetics.”Having a fast metabolism and gaining weight not being in one’s genes is ironically a common false answer that many girl celebrities use to make it seem like no effort is needed for a perfect body. But for Goo Hara how much and what goes into her body and her body weight didn’t seem to share a positive relationship. She stated this in a matter of fact manner, and also said that she doesn’t have to avoid certain foods to keep in shape.

Is she just one of many girl celebrities to fabricate their super metabolisms? Or do you think it’s really her genetics at work?