Seo In Guk Becomes Champion After Beating Lee Hyun

2011-09-11 23:22:15 2011-09-11 16:22:16

Singer Seo In Guk became the champion of water wrestling after beating last year’s champion: 8eight’s Lee Hyun.

Seo In Guk participated in “The Second Water Wrestling Championship” for KBS 2TV “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2” for Chuseok special episode aired on September 11.

In the episode, Seo In Guk continued on to the quarterfinals but lost to gagman Park Joon Hyung. However he continued onto the semifinals after beating gagman Yoon Hyung Bin in a second-chance round.

As he continued into the game, Seo In Guk faced the first champion Lee Hyun and won the glory of being the second champion. Lee Hyun was surprised at Seo In Guk’s technique and expressed, “He has such great skills.”