Sulli Sends Chuseok Greeting with a Cute Photo

2011-09-11 06:42:32 2011-09-10 23:42:33

f(x) member Sulli is melting the hearts of uncle fans with her cuteness. 

On September 9, a photo was uploaded through an online community website with the caption “Cutie Sulli poking her cheeks in.”

Sulli showed her cute feminine side by wearing a polka dot blouse and a black skirt. By blowing up her cheeks and pushing it in with her fingers, she has shown charms that earned her the image of being one of the cutest members out of all the girl groups. 

Netizens responded to this photo with, “If I had a little sister like her, I would carry her on my back all day,” “I want to poke in her cheeks too,” and “I wish Sulli wouldn’t get old. I wish she stayed like that forever.”

Sulli is currently one of the MCs for SBS “Inkigayo.”