Blady’s Bunhong Reveals Her Connection with MBLAQ’s Thunder

2011-09-12 05:53:15 2011-09-11 22:53:15

In her recent interview, rookie girl group Blady‘s Bunhong, shared an unfortunate instance where she became a victim to hateful replies because of a particular CF she starred in with MBLAQ‘s Thunder

Blady is a four member girl group that debuted with “Crazy Day” on July 27. Bunhong in particular has pre-debut experience starring in CFs, dramas, and game shows. 

“I once shot a CF with MBLAQ’s Thunder. It was a drink CF that was a parody of a music video and I played the role of his girlfriend. Although I was one of the leading roles, my face was never shown on screen,” Bunhong began.

“In the CF, he kisses me on the forehead just slightly but MBLAQ’s fans misunderstood and thought he kissed me on the lips. I got a lot of hate for that. Fortunately, my face wasn’t on screen,” she added with a laugh. 

Blady will continue promoting their debut song “Crazy Day” after the Chuseok holidays.