Shinhwa’s Eric is Addicted to Twitter

2011-09-12 21:34:20 2011-09-12 14:34:21

Stars are constantly keeping us fans updated through various social networking services like Twitter and Me2day, but it’s hard to actually picture them squinting into their phones like the rest of us. 

Shinhwa‘s leader Eric is no exception when it comes to Twitter addiction like the rest of us, however, as he’s proven his addiction through a fun series of photos on none other than his Twitter. 

“This is an art work created by my stylist Ga Young called ‘Eric Is Tweeting,'” Eric wrote. 

Whether he’s in his car, at a film set, in his waiting room, in bed, or just anywhere it seems, Eric is dilligent about keeping fans up to date with his and Shinhwa’s latest activities. Fortunately for fans, that means a lot of fun selcas to flip through! 

Netizens commented, “He looks so adorable like this,” “He looks like he’s the only one living in this world!” and “So very cute!”

Check out his Twitter here if you haven’t already!