Siwon Gives a Military Salute with the Cast of Poseidon

2011-09-12 10:00:26 2011-09-12 03:00:26

The cast of KBS’s drama “Poseidon” gave a military salute in time for Chuseok. Lee Si Young, Lee Sung Jae, Han Jung Soo, Jung Woon Taek, Gil Yong Woo, and Choi Siwon of Super Junior sported their black uniforms from the drama and raised their hands in an iconic salute, keeping with the drama’s theme.

“Poseidon” features an intriguing plot line about a maritime police force. Two years after joining a maritime special attack team, Kim Seon Woo (Siwon) is involved in an unsettling crime and is demoted. He becomes a maritime police officer, until he is invited to join a crime investigation unit in Incheon City.

Lee Si Young, the main female officer was praised by netizens for giving such a strong and confident salute, alluding to the personality of her character.

Annex Telecom said, “The cast is proud to be a part of the first drama about maritime officers. Because they are filming during holidays, the episodes are expected to be more ‘complete.’ We hope you support the drama during its premiere in the following weeks.”

The cast of “Poseidon” will has already begun shooting, and will continue to do so during Chuseok. “Poseidon” will begin airing September 19 on KBS.

 Source: Nate