Song Ji Hyo: A Star That Remains Bright

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Famous for being a versatile actress, Song Ji Hyo is a well known face in the areas of dramas and movies, and even has gained a formidable presence in the area of variety television. Her ability to balance all three and show respectable talent in each has garnered her a wide fan base and much love from television and movie viewers alike. From there, the question arises: What makes Song Ji Hyo such a popular actress?

Starting from variety television, Song Ji Ho knows how to showcase multiple persona’s which match the program she is in. For example, in SBS’s “Running Man,” Ji Hyo portrays a very informal character, acting more like a next door neighbor with her easy-going personality and lax actions which create a very positive attraction from viewers. Throwing away the façade of acting pretty or arrogant, Ji Hyo shows the viewer who she really is by not being an actress but by being a celebrity. Furthermore, Ji Hyo is nicknamed “Ace” among her cast and crew in “Running Man,” and with a hate-to-lose mentality and an excellent sense of her surroundings, her nickname is justifiable. Once she sets her sights on a target, Ji Hyo will try until the very end to accomplish her goal, and such a personality and mentality is what verifies her as a true ace, both in “Running Man” and out of it.External from soompi image

Being who she is and not hiding behind an image is what draws people toward Song Ji Hyo and this is exemplified from people around her. One of the production members of “Running Man” has commented on Ji Hyo’s personality, saying “Her hate-to-lose mentality is truly remarkable. From someone who exercises regularly you can see how much she puts herself in the middle of the physical tasks and basing her physique to get her through the challenges is what makes Song Ji Ho a vital component of Running Man. The crew member commented further: “By opening herself to other members of ‘Running Man’ Ji Hyo’s attractiveness shines further.”

Song Ji Hyo seems to be a jewel that keeps on shining, and with her unique persona and charm, the future of this celebrity is equally bright.