Song Ji Hyo’s Transformation into a Neighborhood Noona

2011-09-12 15:44:13 2011-09-12 08:44:14

The charismatic actress Song Ji Hyo has transformed from a beautiful young woman into a “neighborhood sister.”

Last year, she starred as a guest on SBS’s popular variety show “Running Man.” It turned out that she fit well within variety shows and eventually became a permanent member on this show. Over the last year she has undergone a transformation from being a beautiful young actress into a so called “neighborhood sister.” At the beginning of the show, she had long black hair and beautifully done make-up. However, now she sports a short hairstyle and almost no make-up on.

Her character has also changed from being cold and uptight into being friendly and “slow,” transforming her into a variety goddess. She also got herself a new “boyfriend,” Leessang’s rapper Gary, with whom she forms the “Monday couple” on the program.

Netizens praised her transformation commenting, “Natural confidence,” “Neighborhood sister or not, she is still pretty!” and “Your natural face is pretty.”

Indeed, transformation or not we still love our “Mung” Ji Hyo!

You can see both sides of Song Ji Hyo in MBC’s historical drama “Gye Baek” and SBS’ variety program “Running Man”. Don’t miss out on it!