Who Wore It Better? Kim Tae Hee vs. Kim Min Hee

2011-09-12 04:23:42 2011-09-11 21:23:43

Around this time last year, leather jackets were all the rage. Traditionally used for jackets and tops, leather has evolved to become lighter and more easier to maintain. Thus, the leather one piece dress was born.

Actresses Kim Tae Hee and Kim Min Hee wore the dress for their photoshoots. Kim Tae Hee wore it for her “High Cut” shoot, while Kim Min Hee wore hers for a “Bean Pole by Juun. J” shoot. Different stars, different styles. (Similar names though.)

The leather one piece is from Theyskens Theory by Bleeker’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection. It is a sleeveless black mini dress made of leather. The dresses focuses on the shoulder line, giving definition and direction. It costs $1380(USD).

Kim Tae Hee was bold. As mentioned before in an article a few days ago, Kim Tae Hee has shed off her innocent girl appearance for a sexy image. The dress gave her a “volumized” body, showing off her slim figure. She accessorized with some bold jewelry pieces. Her slightly messy hairstyle and sexy smokey eye makeup add to the dress as well, giving her a very sophisticated high class look.

Kim Min Hee was breathtaking as well. The dress accentuated her long arms and legs, giving her a slim and sleek look. Unlike Kim Tae Hee though, she did not opt for any accessories. Instead, she sported a chic white leather shoulder bag. Her hair was styled as if it were wet, giving her a sexy look.


Both actresses looked amazing in the dress, as it flattered their bodies.  Who do you think looks sexier?