2PM’s Junho Shows Love for His Cat

2011-09-13 17:24:35 2011-09-13 10:24:35

2PM‘s Junho showed some love for his pet cat through a photo of him kissing her on September 13. 

On his Twitter page, Junho wrote up a cute conversation to go with the picture, saying, “Me: Baby, I love you, kiss~~ Baby: Ah, leave me alone already!” 

Holding up his cat Baby close to his cheek, Junho is seen planting a kiss on her. Funnily enough, Baby looks less than enthusiastic about the kiss and even looks a bit disturbed. I’m pretty sure some Hottests out there would love to switch positions with Baby! 

Netizens commented, “The cat must have saved a country in her previous life,” “So jealous of the cat,” “They’re both absolutely adorable,” “He must be a cat lover,” “That cat needs exercise,” and “I want to be that cat!”

In related news, 2PM is currently actively promoting over in Japan with their latest single, “I’m Your Man.”