Bada Shows Appreciation for Mothers During the Chuseok Holidays

2011-09-13 10:59:04 2011-09-13 03:59:04

Singing diva Bada has posted a selca to say hello during Chuseok.

On her Twitter on the September 12, she posted a slightly blurry photo along with the caption, “Happy Chuseok. This is a holiday where one feels the importance of a mother. In this happy holiday, let’s massage our mothers’ shoulders”.

In the selca, Bada is shown making a pose along with a slight smile, creating a graceful feel with a long wavy hairstyle. With a rather natural outfit, Bada attracted eyes with her flawless transparent skin.

Coming upon this photo, netizens have shown reactions such as, “Her beauty shines more upon welcoming Chuseok,” “I can feel a goddess-like aura from her,” and “I wonder if she had a nice holiday.”

Meanwhile, Bada is currently the leading role of musical “200 Pound Beauty.” This musical production is based on a movie of the same title, where an overweight girl who strives to become a singer achieves her dreams through cosmetic surgery.