Boom Has Lost His Knack for Show Programs?

2011-09-13 03:28:42 2011-09-12 20:28:42

On Sept. 12, a Chuseok special was aired for SBS’s “Healing Camp- Aren’t You Happy?”. Military veterans, singers Kim Bum Soo and Kim Tae Woo expressed that Boom “isn’t adjusting back into show programs that well”.

After receiving requests from several show programs asking him to make appearances, it was reported that Boom prepared an eccentric dance, as well as “1,000 ideas”. He appeared very confident.

However, as the anticipation rose, Boom began to speak less and less. Because he was not used to appearing on shows, he seemed overwhelmed. After all, he’s been away for two years. At this, Kim Bum Soo and Kim Tae Woo admitted that even someone with a personality like Boom “changes after coming back from the military” and that “he lost a little bit of his thing for show programs”.

In addition, the same episode of “Healing Camp” a fierce singing battle battle between Kim Bum Soo and Kim Tae Woo will ensue.

What do you think will happen to Boom? Will he get used to the world of celebrities again, or will his military experience change him forever? Hwaiting, Boom!