Brown Eyed Girls’ First Concert in Japan Brings Out 2,000 Fans

2011-09-13 20:05:59 2011-09-13 13:06:00

On Sept. 12, Brown Eyed Girls had their first Japanese concert at the Shibuya CC Lemon Hall in Tokyo. The four member girl group captivated the hearts of 2,000 fans with their performance. 

Opening with their hit song “Abracadabra,” they performed a series of title songs from their 1st to 3rd albums such as “Come Closer,“Second,”Hypnosis” and “Can’t Go,” setting the concert atmosphere on fire. 

“We were supposed to have our first concert earlier this year, but it was delayed due to the earthquake. But we are happy to be here today. For as much as everyone has waited, we have a lot prepared to show everyone, so please enjoy it as much as you can,” requested the girls before performing. Powerful dance performances, ballads and R&B style songs were only some of the variety of elements shown at this concert. 

Jea and Miryo‘s duet performance of song “LOVE is,” and other members’ solo performance were also note worthy. Their new song from their upcoming fourth album, “Uncomfortable Truth,” which is to be released on Sept. 23 also received a most positive response. 

After they finished their last performance they thanked fans, “This fantastic concert was not possible just by the four of us, it’s everyone here today that made it extraordinary,” and also performed an encore performance of “Hold the Line” while promising to meet everyone again.