Brown Eyed Girls Help Children Undergo Heart Surgery during Chuseok

2011-09-13 04:41:10 2011-09-12 21:41:11

Brown Eyed Girls were featured on KBS’s Chuseok special, “Brown Eyed Girls ‘Pit-a-Pat.’” The girl group was chosen to help six Chinese children who were severely ill and in need of surgery. The children all suffered from different types of heart disease, unable to receive surgery while in China.

Soong Haui, a six year old was from a very poor family, owning no toys and barely able to spell his name. Another, twelve year old Jang Ja Chui, always had to stand on the sidelines while watching her friends play during physical education.

The program focused on bringing the children to Korea in order to undergo the surgeries that would save their lives. KBS was not the only one to sponsor the surgeries; several Chinese and Korean citizens joined the cause and donated money as well.

Brown Eyed Girls accompanied the children during their entire stay in Korea, doing their best to aid in the children’s recuperation after surgery. The girls even visited when shooting wasn’t scheduled, forming a strong bond with the children.

Jea was especially touched, crying when seeing the children in pain after surgery, and again during their farewells. After the shooting was finished, she cried for ten minutes. When the children were able to return to China, both the children and the girls sobbed their goodbyes to each other.