Infinite’s Sung Jong and Dong Woo Pose for a Cute Chuseok Picture Together

2011-09-13 08:55:59 2011-09-13 01:56:00

Members of Infinite, Sung Jong and Dong Woo, wore Hanboks for the Chuseok holiday.

A picture of Sung Jong and Dong Woo had surfaced through an online community’s forum. In the photo the two were pictured sporting traditional Korean Hanboks.Unlike their usual charismatic stage attire, the Hanboks were cute on the two.

Also in the photo the two formed a “heart shape” with their hands attracting much attention.

After seeing the sweet photo fans replied, “Thanks to you two, I will have the best Chuseok!”, “You both look great in Hanboks.”, and “They are so adorable with their heart shape.”

On the September 1 episode of MNET’s “M! Countdown” Infinite’s latest single, “Be Mine”, had ranked first place on the music program.