Lee Jung Can’t Really Hear in His Striking Selca Photo

2011-09-13 14:47:12 2011-09-13 07:47:13

Veteran vocalist Lee Jung has uploaded a rather comical and bizarre photo of himself, earning a shocked reaction from netizens and fans alike.

Through his Twitter on Sept. 12th, Lee Jung posted a shocking and slightly absurd photo of himself along with the caption, “I can’t really hear well these days.”

In the released photo, Lee Jung is shown having styled himself with a shaved hairstyle with black sunglasses, emanating an intense charismatic aura overall. However, this atmosphere is made null by having headphones not over his ears, but vertically over his head instead, along with the wires hanging off the front of his face, instigating much laughter from netizens.

Upon seeing this comical selca, netizens have shown entertained responses such as, “It’s intense. Seriously funny,” “Oppa, there isn’t something going on with you, right?” and “Hyung is always funny, of course.”

Lee Jung is scheduled to guest-perform at the first solo concert of Ha Dong Kyun, former group mate of 7Dayz, on Sept. 17.