MBLAQ Performs a Laser Light Magic Show

2011-09-13 20:48:55 2011-09-13 13:48:56

MBLAQ performed a magic show on the KBS Chuseok special “Competition Between the Idols: Lord of Magic.” MBLAQ used laser lights in this routine.

The five members of the idol group managed to become one, following a perfectly outlined choreography. They used green lights on a dark stage to illustrate images and letters. Their performance was so good that the audience cheered loudly.

The choreographer Lee Eun Gyul explained, “If you manage to make one whole piece of separate images, you will be able to make one piece of art” and continued praising the performance of MBLAQ by saying that it was the best performance.

Shin Ji was so amazed by the show, she commented, “It was not just amazing, it was something I got myself lost in, especially because it was performed by MBLAQ.”

Veteran actress Cheun Won Ju also praised the performance by saying, “I have no words to express my feelings towards this show. They could not have completed this show this perfectly, if they had not practiced. I really admire them.”

Not only MBLAQ, but also other popular idol groups like Super Junior, 2PM, T-ara, ZE:A, G.NA and miss A managed to give away strong performances.