More Photos From SNSD Tiffany’s ‘Rock-Chic’ Photoshoot

2011-09-13 00:02:16 2011-09-12 17:02:16

After giving us a glimpse of the pictures from SNSD Tiffany‘s photo shoot a few weeks ago, we get a look at some more photos.The concept of the photo shoot turned Tiffany into a feminine rocker girl with her innocent look shed as she took on a more darker and entrancing image.

The photo shoot was a success due to the singer’s popularity and professionalism on set. In one of the photos below, we get a more fun pose from the singer after only showing us her serious expressions in the last set. While the other image shows us a more SHINee-like style!

Check out the photos below from the September issue of Singles Magazine!

Credit: Singles Magazine