Se7en Posts Selcas and Wishes All Happy Chuseok

2011-09-13 06:31:14 2011-09-12 23:31:15

Recently YG Entertainment singer, Se7en wished all his fans (and everyone else too…) a very Happy Chuseok.

Se7en updated his Twitter account, uploading a few photos along with a positive message, “Merry Chuseok! Eat a lot of delicious foods and have a happy Chuseok! Peace.”

Accompanying his holiday message he posted a few selcas from different angles for his followers to enjoy.

Netizens replied to his post: “You too Se7en!”, “Happy Chuseok!”, and “Eat a lot of rice cakes.”

Not only is Se7en a talented singer, but not long ago Se7en had made his debut as an entrepreneur when he opened up chicken restaurant.

As the Chuseok Holidays wind down, we hope all those of you in Korea had a great holiday.