SNSD’s YoonA’s “Genie” Wardrobe Values at $6.2K

2011-09-13 16:58:18 2011-09-13 09:58:19

Earlier today, MBC aired a Chuseok special titled “Star Auction Show” where your favorite celebrities auctioned off their favorite possessions. SNSD’s YoonA brought her navy costume that she wore in the “Genie” (aka “Tell Me Your Wish”) music video. The stage costume was custom-made by her stylist, and the star wore it over ten times while promoting the hit song. The costume sold for 6.7 million won (approximately $6.2K), surprising both YoonA and those watching.

Out of 200 people who attended the auction, 85 showed interest in YoonA’s prized possession. One of the attendees showed up in a full SNSD fan club attire, proudly displaying her love and support for the girls.