Sunny Reveals “Less Than Half of SNSD Are in Love” on "Strong Heart"

2011-09-13 19:33:17 2011-09-13 12:33:18

SNSD’s member Sunny, has boldly confessed that less than half of the SNSD members have fallen in love. 

On the September 13 episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” MC Kang Ho Dong asked an unexpected question to Sunny, “Are any of your members in a relationship or seeing anyone?” Sunny revealed, “Less than half our members have a crush on someone and/or is already in a relationship.” 

The groups’ youngest member, Seohyun, was then asked, “Who do you think, out of your members, will be the first to get married?” Seohyun answered by saying, “Hyoyeon has always mentioned that she wanted to get married quickly, so, Hyoyeon. Then maybe Sunny and also Jessica.” MC Lee Seung Gi then pointed out, “I think Sunny is one of the members who are included in the ‘already dating’ list,” surprising Sunny. 

Meanwhile, during the program Hyoyeon also confessed on going to a date with an older man after being introduced to him through a close unni (older sister). She also talked about an incident where she forgot to take off a restaurant apron and walked around with her date wearing it. “I was so embarrassed after that apron incident, that I haven’t been able to get in touch with him again.”