Ugh! Female Stars’ Dress Problems

2011-09-13 22:08:48 2011-09-13 15:08:49

“I might look happy but I’m really not.” The face might be smiling, but if you take a close look, there are sweat drops forming on their foreheads. It’s the awkward situation that happens to every female star. The skin tight dress that makes them uncomfortable. The long dress train that gets stepped on by their own shoes. The loose shoulder straps that keep sliding down.

“Oh my gosh, why did I have to wear this.” Every female star has thought it at some point.

A skin tight strapless dress is the perfect item to bring out that S-line body. But looking so good comes with a price: “Is this thing going to keep sliding down?” Female celebrities must keep this in mind constantly.

“Long dresses are my enemy.”

There’s nothing like a long dress to transform a star into a goddess on the red carpet. The long train often gets stepped on by those killer heels, causing celebs to stop and fix the mishap. “Let’s give up on walking normally today.”

“Shoulder straps are my enemy.”

Even dresses with straps aren’t all that safe. Those straps slide right off the shoulders, causing stars to keep fixing their attire throughout the long night.

Looks like nothing in this world is really free. Looking sexy comes with a price! Are you willing to risk it?