Wonder Girls’ Lim Shares Her Birthday Gifts via Twitter

2011-09-13 01:31:19 2011-09-12 18:31:20

Did you send your present to the young Wonder Girl? On September 13, the global girl singer, Woo Hye Lim, tweeted a thank you and an image of her birthday presents from her fans ….the Wonderfuls! 

Woo Hye Lim: “I just got my b’day gifts! Thank you so much!!!♥♥♥♥♥” 

They gave her everything from a bejeweled microphone to a “Wonder” puzzle. Could fans piece together her display of gratitude? Below is what some Wonderfuls said about their presents to her: 

“Happy birthday unnie!”

“Over the LIMit is delivering gifts later this month, we got help up with shipping 🙁 I will hand deliver to JYP”

” WONDERFULs r amazing really really nice gifts and again happy birthday love you=)”

What do you think about her gifts?