Brown Eyed Girls Releases Teaser of Studio Recording

2011-09-14 12:46:15 2011-09-14 05:46:16

Brown Eyed Girls have just uploaded a brand new teaser video in anticipation for their upcoming album.

Uploaded on September 14 on their official YouTube channel, the video is titled “B.E.G countdown TEASER.” In the video, Brown Eyed Girls are doing a studio recording of one of their songs from their upcoming album. The video also shows the girls listening to their recording later on. The track they were recording shows off the group’s harmonization and the catchy beat of the song.

It was previously reported that Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing their fourth studio album this September 30. A few days later, a representative from the group’s agency, Nega Network, said that the release date would be pushed forward by a week.

Brown Eyed Girls recently wrapped up their first Japanese concert at the Shibuya CC Lemon Hall in Tokyo. They wowed the crowd with some of their previous hits such as “Abracadabra” and “Come Closer.”

Watch the teaser video here: