JYJ Reveals Official Full MV for "In Heaven"

2011-09-14 17:15:31 2011-09-14 10:15:31

On September 14th, C-Jes Entertainment revealed the full music video for JYJ‘s “In Heaven.”

In the video, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Junsu are the main characters of the love story. It mainly focuses on taking the right choices when a second chance is given. The story-line follows a really busy business man in the middle of a meeting and a really sad Song Ji Hyo who gets hit by a car and is gone. After this, Junsu spent the next days in loneliness trying to move on when suddenly one day Song Ji Hyo appears at his doorstep. Surprised by seeing her once again, he realizes that a second chance was given to him in order to save her and do the right thing.

After this, he spent more time with her until the date of her accident comes up again. Will Junsu take the right choice this time? Will he save her? Check out the video below and let us know what you think about that shocking ending!