Lee Dong Wook Has a Crush on Tae Yeon

2011-09-14 00:20:24 2011-09-13 17:20:25

It turns out that actor Lee Dong Wook has a little crush on SNSD’s cute leader Tae Yeon.

Strong Heart” aired its Chuseok special on September 13, in which Boom uncovered a secret of his military friend Lee Dong Wook.

Boom first started off saying, “If you get to know Dong Wook better, you will see he will fit good in variety shows. I also told him that he has to participate on variety shows to become a greater actor.” He continued by saying, “However, he was not ready for it at the time” shaking his head, making the audience burst out in laughter.

Eventually the MC’s managed to get Lee Dong Wook on the phone. Kang Ho Dong started by asking about Boom, on which he replied, “After I got the script of ‘Scent of a Woman’, Boom sent me a huge flower bouquet. I am still very thankful for it” expressing his close friendship with Boom.

The MC’s of the show fooled Lee Dong Wook by telling him that all nine member of SNSD were on the show and asked him with whom he liked to speak to. He chose Tae Yeon, however, Tae Yeon was not on the show so fellow member Sunny pretended to be her. The two talked for a while and eventually planned to have dinner sometime.

Lee Dong Wook eventually found out that it was Sunny who he was talking to and said that he really wanted to talk to Tae Yeon, making the audience laugh.