Lee Juk’s Caricature Drawing from Fan

2011-09-14 02:02:09 2011-09-13 19:02:10

Singer Lee Juk recently received a cute caricature drawing from one of his fans.

On September 13, one of his fans wrote on his twitter, “I am finally finished. I wanted to draw it precisely as possible, however, this was harder than expected,” along with the caricature drawing of Lee Juk.

This caricature drawing is based on Lee Juk’s doctor role in MBC’s sitcom “High Kick 3.” Wearing black framed glasses and a white coat, the drawing is a very cute equivalent of Lee Juk.

Lee Juk retweeted this picture along with his playful comment, “My actual look is a little bit cuter, but thank you anyway!”

Netizens who saw the drawing and Lee Juk’s comment commented, “Wow, the caricature drawing is so cute!” “He really looks like Lee Juk” “I agree, the actual Lee Juk does look cuter” and “Lee Juk’s comment is so funny.”

What do you think, is the actual Lee Juk really cuter?