Lee Min Jung’s School Day Photos Raise Eyebrows Among Fans

2011-09-14 15:40:25 2011-09-14 08:40:25

On Sept. 14, a couple school day photos of Lee Min Jung surfaced on the Web raising a few eyebrows among fans.

The first picture released was titled “Lee Min Jung’s Graduation Photo.” Wearing her high school uniform, the star actress has long hair, flashing a cute smile, but she appears to have flaunted a different type of beauty back then. Netizens who saw the photo mentioned, “She looks exactly like Seoul’s five best goddesses,” “She used to be slightly chubbier,” “I like her eyebrows,” and “She looks quite different from now.”


In the second photo titled, “Goddess Lee Min Jung Looking a Bit Different from Now,” she appears a bit rounder than she is now. The caption of the photo read, “This photo was taken during her Sung Kyun Kwan University days,” indicating it was taken a few years after the first photo. In the black and white picture, Lee Min Jung seems to have the same eyes and nose, but her rounder chin looks slightly different from now. Netizens seem largely split on her plastic surgery speculations, as some continued to question whether she received any procedures, while others argued the reason for the changed look is her weight loss.


As far as we’re concerned, Lee Min Jung has always looked beautiful and there’s no question she’s one of the hottest actresses in Korean pop culture. What is your take on her past photos? See more here!