“Little Han Ye Seul” Yoon Sun Kyung Wins the Lotto

2011-09-14 16:06:35 2011-09-14 09:06:36

Yoon Sun Kyung who is well-known as “Little Han Ye Seul” won third place on the Korean Lotto. She won around $1,500. On her Cyworld she wrote, “Wow I think things will start to get big for me! Bye bye to all those hardships in the past~”

Yoon Sun Kyung is a CEO of a shopping mall, and she has been made known through SBS’ “Truth or Dare” and is also currently preparing to debut as a singer.  Her shopping mall is said to make approximately $30,000 in profits a day.

Netizens have stated, “I wonder what you will be like as a singer,” “Congratulations on getting third place,” “You are pretty, I think you will make it big.”

Before her debut as a singer, in August she also released bikini pictures of herself. What do you think? Does she look like Han Ye Seul?


(The last picture is Han Ye Seul)