NS Yoon Ji Tweets Sexy Photos from Her "Wanna See You Again" Music Video

2011-09-14 18:59:23 2011-09-14 11:59:24

NS Yoon Ji “misses the sunshining beach” at Hajodae!

The Hajodae beach was one of the few filming locations in her recent “Wanna See You Again” music video shoot. Yoon Ji tweeted her memories from the set on September 15. She released images of herself wearing a tied up wife beater and mini-shorts that accentuated her subtle hour-glass (or S-Line) figure. Check out the images she shared below:

Would you try this look?

Fans, however, were not concerned about her attire as they were about responding to the nature of her message. Some tweeted the following responses: ” the location of your shooting video clip-want to see you again..^^,” come to singapore! we have sun shining beaches ALLLLL year round,” and “I miss you.”