Will Kang Ho Dong’s Final Broadcast Be on September 27?

2011-09-14 12:12:22 2011-09-14 05:12:22

After Kang Ho Dong‘s announcement of his temporary retirement, one of the staff members from SBS “Strong Heart,” a talk show he hosts, said “Mr. Kang’s last day may be September 27.”

On September 14, the production crew on “Strong Heart” announced, “Mr. Kang has ended filming the TV broadcast on September 8 before holding the press conference. His final broadcast is likely to be on September 27, which is two weeks from now.”

The “Strong Heart” production team said, “Under the current situation, it would be greedy of the production staff and broadcasters to ask for additional recording,” and explained, “In fact, Mr. Kang’s last recording was on September 8.”

The production staff continued to explain that discussion went on following the Chuseok holidays but are frustrated with the lack of a clear solution on new plans in light of Kang Ho Dong’s temporary retirement. 

With speculations abounding that Kang Ho Dong’s retirement may not be temporary, the broadcasters are at a loss on how to proceed.