The Wonder Girls Shine in Greece

2011-09-14 01:21:13 2011-09-13 18:21:14

JYP Entertainment : “Wonder Girls in Greece! The New Real Wonder Girls is up! Find out what the Wonder Girls were doing in Greece back in July!”

On September 14, the Wonder Girls video footage from their time in Greece was tweeted and uploaded on the official Wonder Girl networks. They took Wonderfuls on the adventure of a lifetime via footage of them sightseeing ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. The tourist attractions were number one on the girls’ list…  even though they were there to perform at the Special Olympics. Wonder Girls know how to make work fun!

Enjoy the video below and remember this little tip: JYPE: ” OH! Forgot to tell you! If you click “CC” on our youtube videos, you can see the subtitles! Enjoy!”

What is your favorite WG memory from Greece?