4minute’s HyunA Picked as "Best of the Best" by Japanese Women

2011-09-15 09:19:59 2011-09-15 02:20:00

Mnet‘s “Boom the K-POP” recently visited the streets of Shin Okubo in Japan in time for Cube Entertainment‘s family concert, “United Cube in Japan,” to get a feel for the Japanese fans’ taste. 

The show went around asking men and women to choose the “best of the best” member between label mates 4minute and G.NA. The member that came out on top was none other than HyunA, who many women thought was the best and most charming member out of the survey. 

The “best of the best” member chosen by Japanese males was Gayoon, who they thought had a variety of charms in one style thanks to her ability to look both innocent and sexy at the same time. 

Do you agree with the results? Who is your “best of the best” member or singer?