Choi Siwon and Yunho Take a Photo Together

2011-09-15 06:25:51 2011-09-14 23:25:51

Not only are Super Junior‘s Choi Si Won and DBSK‘s Yunho SM Entertainment family members, they’re also co-starring on the upcoming KBS drama, “Poseidon.

The two recently showed off their close friendship through Sion’s Twitter. On September 15, he wrote, “One day in Japan, another day in the U.S. No matter how busy he is, he always shouts out, ‘Director, one more time please!’ when the director calls cut. He’s such a passionate senior and older brother. I would like to applaud Yunho hyung for his efforts. He did so well!” 

Looking strong and dependable in their coast guard outfits, the two are posing side by side while giving a thumbs up towards the camera. Their handsome looks could pull off any outfit, so it’s no wonder why fans are already oohing and ahhing over their new uniforms. 

Fans commented, “Such a friendly looking picture,” “They match the outfits so well,” and “Looking forward to the drama!”

“Poseidon” begins airing on September 19!