Does Nichkhun Feel Lazy?

2011-09-15 02:23:56 2011-09-14 19:23:57

How did Nichkhun feel on September 14? According to his tweet, the singer stated “I really don’t feel like doing anything.” He is supporting the Bruno Mars hit all the way!

The 2PM beast tweeted his energy level to Hottests everywhere on September 14. Here is his message: “The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars. I really don’t feel like doing anything.. Aha also check out this song’s MV! Its brilliant!”

We all have our days and his tweet proves that idols are people too. Everyone needs a break every now and then. While you take your break, don’t forget to follow Nichkhun’s advice earlier this month: “BTW please welcome our Joon Hyung (@godJoonPark) from GOD to the twitter world! =] he doesn’t bite so you’re more then welcome to ‘holla’~”