"Female CN Blue" to Debut This Year?

2011-09-15 03:06:04 2011-09-14 20:06:05

FNC Music, the label that houses talented rock bands like F.T. Island and C.N. Blue, has revealed that they will be coming out with a new girl group that has all of the talents of their two boy groups. 

“We have a girl group that has been preparing for debut for a long time now. Their debut hasn’t been formally announced yet, but we’re already receiving calls from fans at the company,” officials revealed. 

FNC Music has been known for discovering band musicians and are known for their efforts in launching F.T. Island and C.N. Blue to the top. Whether or not their new girl group will follow the same band concept or not, however, is still up in the air. 

“The group was brought together by putting together the oldest trainees that have been working towards a debut. We cannot reveal whether they’ll be a band or a dance group, but rest assured that they are a team full of charms and talents. Please anticipate their debut,” CEO Han Sung Ho of the label stated.

Due to FNC Music’s musical preference, as seen in CN Blue and F.T. Island, many fans are predicting their female group to also be based on heavy rock band sounds. What do you think they will be like?