G-Dragon Chooses Kim Min Hee as "Best Fashionista"

2011-09-15 17:18:15 2011-09-15 10:18:15

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon chose actress Kim Min Hee as the best fashionista during an appearance on “Style Magazine,” produced by cable network OnStyle. He said, “Kim Min Hee nuna (referring to older female friend) can pull off any style well. Everytime I see her, I always feel that she exudes a unique appeal. Although she’s a woman, I find her really handsome, really cool.”

He continued, “There will be times when she’s boyish, times when she’s innocent and pure, and then there’re times when she’s sexy too. It depends on the circumstances she’s in, she pulls off all kinds of styles and is never out of place nor boring.”

On “Style Magazine,” he will also talk about his fashion philosophy and his preferred styles. He also picked “Girls’ Generation socks” as his fashion choice this coming autumn. “Although I may be the only one who thinks it will be the trend, but nowadays I love wearing the striped socks that Girls’ Generation used to wear. It looks cute.”

“I just love the socks, that’s all. Please don’t think I’m wierd,” he quickly added with an embarrassed laugh.

The interview will be aired on the Sept 17 episode, where G-Dragon will share his favorite fashion styles, accessories and places to shop, as well as reveal the styles he would like to attempt.