Rainbow Attracts Thousands of Fans at First Japanese Event

2011-09-15 19:07:06 2011-09-15 12:07:07

Rainbow is definitely off to a successful start as they begin their careers in Japan! The group’s first event into their Japanese debut has attracted over 2,000 fans.

Their debut single, “A,” has reached the third spot on the Oricon daily singles chart when it released on September 14. To celebrate the success of its release, Rainbow gathered at the basement of Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for an event originally meant for 1,500 fans.

The girls must have underestimated their popularity, as 500 additional fans showed up at the scene, totaling to over 2,000. Amidst the cheers of fans, Rainbow had a 15-minute talk session and wrapped up their event with a live performance of the Japanese version of “A.” 

A lot more events are lined up, like an album release showcase and a hand shake event, so if you’re in Japan, be sure to catch them!