DBSK And Kim Hye Soo’s CF Gives Off a Feeling of Awkwardness?

2011-09-16 01:13:08 2011-09-15 18:13:08

DBSK’s Yunho (age 25) and Changmin (age 23), who could pass off as actress Kim Hye Soo’s (age 41) nephews, gave off an air of awkwardness due to Kim Hye Soo’s very revealing dress.

Cosmetics brand Missha chose Kim Hye Soo and DBSK to be it’s CF models.

In this particular CF, Kim Hye Soo is found sitting in a chair filled with flowers, stiffly holding her neck in a catty pose. She sported a gold-tone dress with a very low cut in the front. DBSK can be found rigidly standing next to her. The CF emphasized their “1+1 Event” but people are saying how they can’t really figure out the concept itself.

A humorous netizen wrote “On their website, their logo says ‘Why Missha’ and I’m really wondering, ‘Why…?'” Others are saying that it’s a little too inappropriate.

Here is the video clip of the CF. Why don’t you see for yourselves?


You can also check out the making of the CF clip here: