Kara’s Gyuri and Supernova’s Sungjae’s "200 Pounds Beauty" in Danger

2011-09-16 05:31:33 2011-09-15 22:31:33

The musical “200 Pounds Beauty” which stars Kara’s leader Gyuri is currently in danger of being put to a stop. The original creator filed an injunction in order to stop the musical.

According to the Japanese press on September 16, the original creator Yumiko Suzuki has stated, “The musical is infringing on my copyright. They are illegally using my character and scenario.”

The publishing company Godansha is the proxy for the copyright rights of the original. Yumiko Suzuki stated, “The film ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ that was released in 2006 and stars Kim Ah Joong was agreed upon with me, and we proceeded with co-planning and co-producing. However, we never reached an agreement on the musical.”

A representative of Godansha stated, “The musical ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ that had Bada as the main character in 2008 was not agreed upon either, also we find that Shochiku (Theater Company) has also infringed on our copyrights.”

A representative of Shochiku stated, “We thought that Korea had the rights to the musical and we received permission from them, this is only a problem that needs to be settled between the Korean company and Godansha.”

The musical gained a lot of attention for featuring Gyuri and Supernova’s Sungjae. It was originally scheduled to show from October 8 to November 16.