Kim Hyun Joong Picked as Main Model for Japanese Clothing Brand

2011-09-16 07:09:32 2011-09-16 00:09:32

Kim Hyun Joong has been picked as the main model for Japanese clothing brand, “HEATFACT.” Ion Co., the parent company of “HEATFACT,” said in a press release, “We named Kim Hyun Joong, whose popularity is sweeping through Asia, as the face of our brand. As a popular Korean actor and singer, he’s gained a lot of popularity across Asia, so we believe he will help us publicize our brand around the world.”

According to the company, Kim Hyun Joong finished filming for the commercial on August 30 and 31 in Seoul with Japanese actress Nakamura Anne. Kim Hyun Joong’s representative said even though the two models met for the first time, the actor worked hard to break the ice and enliven the filming atmosphere. His bright smile and charismatic demeanor gained the support of the entire filming set, as they completed it faster than usual.

The TV ad for “HEATFACT” starring Kim Hyun Joong has started airing in Japan on Sept. 13. Check out the full video below!