Lee Ji Ah Might Appear on "Return of the Queen"

2011-09-16 04:52:03 2011-09-15 21:52:04

Lee Ji Ah briefly stopped her acting career after the divorce lawsuit with Seo Taiji. However, currently she is reviewing whether to appear on a drama or not. The temporary title of the drama is “Return of the Queen” and Lee Ji Ah has received the offer to appear as the drama’s main character.

Lee Ji Ah’s agency Key East Entertainment stated on September 16, “She has received an offer to appear on the drama and the drama’s storyline and character are good, so we are positively reviewing the drama.”

However, “She has not confirmed a decision to appear on the drama, and currently within Key East we are discussing when she should return to acting.”

The drama is written by Kim Do Woo who wrote, “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” and “Fox What Are You Doing.” The PD of directing is Go Dong Sun who also directed, “My Wife Is a Superwoman.”  

The drama will replace the time slot of “Can’t Lose.”