MBLAQ’s G.O Looks Sharp in Taekwondo Uniform

2011-09-16 08:02:45 2011-09-16 01:02:46

On Sept. 16, MBLAQ’s G.O tweeted a picture of himself in a Taekwondo uniform. With the caption, “Korean Taekwondo Fighting!” G.O revealed his picture in a traditional Korean martial arts uniform with the black belt around his neck. The Spanish poster in the back indicates the photo was taken in Peru as G.O is also currently visiting the country as part of MBC’s special program titled, “KOICA’s Dream: Peru.”

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “G.O is bada**,” “He’s so cool. It looks perfect on him,” and “He’s an experienced Taekwondo trainer?”

G.O is expected to return to Korea on Sept. 28 after finishing the KOICA initiative where a group of K-Pop celebrities will help rebuild public spaces and provide medical aid to needy children. Last week, MBLAQ visited Brazil to act as judges for MBC’s “K-Pop Cover Dance Festival.” Over 6,000 Brazilian fans gathered to greet the group, and some parts of Sao Paulo had to be blocked off due to fans clogging the streets.