Rain Shares His Thoughts on Starting Military Service

2011-09-16 20:53:51 2011-09-16 13:53:51

Singer and actor Rain (age 29, real name Jung Ji Hoon) shared his thoughts on starting his military service

On September 16 Rain’s company J Entertainment stated, “He’s planning to start military service sometime in the middle of October, however an official date has not been officially announced yet.” 

Although going in as a normal soldier it is yet to be decided which area of the military Rain will choose, and if there is going to be a press conferencing releasing the details before his concert on September 24  is still yet to be decided. 

Rain posted on his twitter, “starting military service isn’t that big a deal and nothing to be overly proud of.. people are over reacting TTTT Once an official date is decided I will let the public know. I won’t be holding a ‘before military service’ press conference. Whatever press conference there is I will be presenting a last final project.”

Netizens responded: “2 years isn’t too bad, you can take it. I will wait for you.” “I am looking forward to your concert.” “Spend the remainder of your time with us.” “I will write you letters.”

Rain is currently in works of finished up filming movie, “Close to the Soaring Sun,” and is planning to release a new album before entering the army. On September 24 Rain will hold his last finale concert at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.