Sung Si Kyung Drops "I Like" M/V starring Jo Yeo Jung

2011-09-16 06:49:23 2011-09-15 23:49:24

Following his teaser for title song “I Like” from his 7th album, ‘First Time’, Sung Si Kyung has dropped the much anticipated music video for the track!

The music video shows Jo Yeo Jung with teary eyes and subtitles that read “I erase memories one by one as I walk the path that I walked with you,” which then changes into “But I can’t erase the love.” The storyline follows Jo Yeo Jung and Sung Si Kyung’s journey as a couple, starting from their first meeting in a taxi with Jo Yeo Jung as a tourist and Sung Si Kyung as a taxi driver.

Jo Yeo Jung seemingly hires the taxi driver to take her places, and then they meet again through pure coincidence, with flashbacks being interlaced between. The overall story seems to show how Jo Yeo Jung seeks to throw off her sadness by backtracking in their meetings, with subtitles saying, “Now I’m going to throw it all away,” and “Even the last piece of memory that’s left.” The storyline blends in with the music perfectly, with Sung Si Kyung’s voice complementing the whole feeling. Check out the full MV below!