Super Star K3: Lee Seung Chul Cries Because of Contestant

2011-09-16 19:25:22 2011-09-16 12:25:22

Mnet’s “Super Star K3” has revealed three pictures of Lee Seung Cheol hugging contestants and crying on September 16. The pictures are gaining attention because Lee Seung Cheol is usually known as a cold and sharp judge.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Ah, I am so curious now why Lee Seung Chul is crying,” “I remember Lee Seung Chul cried when Huh Gak won in Season 2, why is he crying now?” “Who dropped off and made Lee Seung Chul Cry?”

Representatives of Super Star K3 stated, “The three pictures that were revealed today is only a part of the episode that will be broadcast today. Lee Seung Chul cried because certain contestants that sang with their dreams had disqualified. You will see a different side of Lee Seung Chul.”

Super Star K3 airs every Friday at 11pm (Korean Time) on Mnet. The final round of live showdown will air from September 30 to November 11 in a total of 7 weeks.