Taeyang in a Scuba Suit

2011-09-16 23:52:06 2011-09-16 16:52:06

A cute photo of the popular boy group Big Bang’s Taeyang has recently been revealed.

A netizen uploaded the picture on September 16 on an online blog, this photograph was titled, “Taeyang takes a picture with a Chinese fan.”

In this photo you can see our cute Taeyang wearing a scuba suit. He completes his look wearing a cap and black sunglasses. Laughing so cutely as he always does, he holds his right hand up in a peace sign, while holding his left hand down to cover his lower area.

Netizens who saw this picture praised his manners by commenting, “Taeyang, you are so cute” “You don’t have to have manners for your fans in this case” and “You certainly have manners.”

What do you think of this picture?